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Subjected to interrogation and brainwashing in order to reveal what he knows to his captors, Jürgens' only link to sanity rests in a chess book. His first movie - "Geißel des Fleisches" - came as a shock to Austrians, his second movie "Schamlos" repeated that experience. Oh my God, Edwige Fenech butt naked a lot! Paul Meurisse stars as the titular character and Elga Andersen as the female lead, directed by Georges Lautner. Massa proceeds to keep watch on Luciano, who has been living with Massa's beloved sister Maria (Marie-France Pisier). Sheila (Gia Sandri) expects Ray to help her build up her own shop with lower prices. ADD TO shopping cart treasure OF THE petrified forest (1964)-Letterboxed print. The unexpected arrival of the sheriff Thomas, and the journalist, George, upsets the plans of the two unsavory allies and they have to try every kind of trick to win out against such adversaries. Half period thriller, half melodrama, it had a great script, atmosphere and direction. Vittorio Gassman stars as different characters in each of the nine episodes of this unusual Italian comedy. Feeling supremely dissatisfied with his vocation and heroin addicted girlfriend Ana, he arrives back at his apartment to discover a package from his friend Pedro. . Released on the heels of eyes withouace, atom AGE vampire re-uses much of that film's themes, with a healthy helping. Aboard the boat, Antoine meets and falls in love. After ruining his daughters 15th birthday party (not to mention getting kinda rapey and shooty in the process) the punks head back to their hideout. ADD TO shopping cart secret OF capitain ohara (1968)-Letterboxed print, english subs. In ancient Rome, the people finally oust their despised king, Tarquinius, and declare the city a republic. This is perfect for the CIA's efforts to protect Coleman and to root out the killers because it allows Fleming Bob Fleming to assume Coleman's identity. Completed in 1979, arrebato is probably the most famous Spanish cult film of all time. . Max is insatiable when it comes to women. Two attendants in a public video escort gay top escort italia toilet in New York save the life of the Mafia boss Attanasia. She is beautiful and lives in luxury. ADD TO shopping cart lattentat (1972)-In Italian with eng subs, letterboxed. . When his wife is late for their anniversary celebration, he drinks and takes mushrooms with the artist. Many will find its excesses over-the-top or campy, and it's startlingly misogynist at times, but for those tuned in to the excesses of the 60s, this is a mindbending treat right up to the astonishing but fitting conclusion.

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